Since May

by Teeth Like Yours

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released June 22, 2015



all rights reserved


Teeth Like Yours Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Rose Savage and Jess Turner, members of emo-indie band Fun Home, take on electro-folk side project producing a low-fi sound of layered vocals, electronic keyboard, and a mix of acoustic and electric guitar.

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Track Name: Seeds
I watched your heart collapse as it echoed through your room.
Smiling past honesty is just something I can't do.
I watched the daylight fall as I cursed over the moon.
Feeling inaccurate, I just hope I see you soon.

I watched the dollars pass the further in your car.
Choke back those pills you took, they never got me far.
Look in the water, there's a seed ready to bloom.
Part of me wonders if I'll ever be there too.

I can't wait.
Track Name: Falling Out Of Place
Pretended not to see.
Kicked my consciousness for greed.
And I don't want to be your parliament or the window in your room.
I was supposed to be a fire, turning red for you.
Pondering the seeds of home as I walk further away.
The less that I have seen your face, the more it looks the same.
And I said that I wanted answers, but I really just wanted space.
This carbon paper reach-out is falling out of place.
And the last time I said your name was a lie I cannot chase.
Just the absence of your winter hair and a sorry, sinking plane.
I will not wave.
Track Name: Heartbeat
Memory outlines of that very night
when a quick glance became permanent.
Don't take it back when it doesn't feel right.
This one was supposed to be on you.

And I would rather spend my time blinking through than carry out the cold water.

How much would I give for power?
I'm gonna make this up to you.
And what I'd trade to be your quicksand.
The fool, the fake that stays inside your bed.

And I would rather spend my life blinking through than carry out the momentary gaps of my heartbeat.
And I would rather spend my time blinking through than carry out the cold water.
Track Name: Through Your Spine
Giving up on the things I've said like a lost blue moon.
Breathing in, I feel nothing more than a tide roll in.
I think about all the thoughts I shared and the ones I kept.
The bitter end, like an accident where the words sound red.
Look into yourself, till you find someone else.
Like the window in your spine.
Cross my path, I'll fall in line.
Track Name: Since May
I tried to wish you the best
in the backyard with dirty fingernails.
And the kindness caught in my throat.
And all the things that I don't know
right in the bed of your palm.

But the months passed and I finally spit out
that you're the garden in my mouth.
And the space you keep and the space you won't
has circled orbits around.

And here, while I try to be everything.
On the second floor with your heart in my sleeve.
Tearing up my bones just to sing
of the depth of want, of the hovering past, and all in between.

Circling orbits around.
Right in the bed of your palm.